What We Do

Josh Thompson Interior design firm, in short – JTID is an interior architectural design service studio based in PJ & KL area. From concept to measure, creation to final touches, we’ll guide you at every step.

Your experience throughout is as important to us as your beautifully finished home, work place and project – you’ll have our sharply focused attention, an unrelenting search for unique finds and a commitment to making the process stress-free and all the fun you deserve. We’re all in. To Explore our latest project via Portfolio.

Interior Design Firm
Concept and Storytelling

We Tell Your Story

Each project is a unique opportunity to understand and collaborate closely with our clients, an opportunity to translate their ideas and improve them through a collaborative process. We start from an initial conceptual phase that consists of analyzing the space, the particular needs and desires, which are the differential foundations of each project. We develop the first moodboard and conceptual ideas emphasizing the history and identity that we would like to create regarding the space. Our main sources of inspiration are personal habits and contemporary lifestyles, creating an emotional narrative thread between people, spaces and objects.

Interior Design

We Seek the Balance

We develop a wide range of interior design projects through balanced and timeless spaces that go beyond trends. Our team collects the necessary information about each client to understand the requirements of the space, including aesthetics, the need for special equipment and operational restrictions. The projects include the final plans for the construction phase and a careful selection of furniture, lighting, toilets and coverings.

Interior Design Firm
Interior Design Firm
Project Management

With You from Start to Finish

Our Interior Design Firm accompany you from the first sketch to the completion of the project, providing a relationship based on sincerity and transparency. Our specialists organize and monitor the tasks necessary to achieve an agile and efficient interior design project. Our team will be in charge of the development and start-up phases throughout the entire project, which includes coordination, supervision and decision-making on the aesthetic and functional aspects of the design.

Design, Selection and Purchase of Furniture

We Equip the Space

Without a doubt one of our obsessions and a detail that we assure you will not be overlooked. We design custom furniture with detailed plans and provide a careful selection of furniture, textiles and decorative elements tailored to the project budget. This process includes the ordering and monitoring of shipments, the management of transport costs, the organization of the assembly and the final cleaning. Our team cares about quality and chooses to work with authentic materials and skilled craftsmen.

Interior Design Firm

Your unique character and needs

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